New-generation content creation and delivery.

Open-source flexibility and enterprise-class robustness.

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Cobalt knows how to serve content efficiently, but also allows you to build with freedom and confidence using its open technologies.
Its robust architecture is a solid basis for the most critical enterprise-level applications.

Create great content

A cool, clean workspace for distraction-free authoring or website management, from your browser or your iPad.

Front-end freedom

Design great pages or customise commercial templates easily thanks to the integrated Freemarker template engine.

Headless model

The flexibility of a decoupled CMS to develop multiple front-ends for any digital destination. RESTful APIs expose all data in JSON format.


A state of the art technology stack, coupled with a fully service-oriented architecture: all designed for cloud deployment and scalability.

Doing more

Great content made easy thanks to a great UX: enrich stories with stunning galleries, videos, tweets, and much more. Use full screen view for distraction-free editing. No clutter, no distractions. Just a perfectly crafted set of tools to help you write and stay focused on the task at hand.

Extreme productivity. Powerful tools are just one click away. Search incoming feeds, upload images, correlate other documents, edit metadata, share on social media.

Cobalt is everywhere. It's cloud-based, and both the web app the iPad app give access to a complete range of authoring, planning and developer functions.

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Destinations unlimited

Platforms, apps, chat bots: digital possibilities are infinite for today's content.
Cobalt provides powerful APIs to quickly connect with new channels, unleashing a wealth of new opportunities.

The stack

Cobalt uses a cutting-edge technology stack incorporating popular technologies and frameworks, including PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch and MongoDB.

Cobalt's services layer includes a number of functions ranging from sitemap configuration, themes, comments and social media management to analytics.

A full range of RESTful APIs adds a flexibility that allows Cobalt to be used out of-the-box, or as the core of a customized eco-system deploying multiple plugins and extensions.

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Time to get serious

Cobalt has all the flexibility of an open-source solution - but at its core it has been developed as a solid basis for building a mission-critical enterprise publishing platform.

Performance, scalability, availability: Cobalt's fully-documented development environment mean you can plan and build with confidence.

Where does Cobalt come from?

Cobalt is developed by the EidosMedia group, creators of the world's leading multiple-channel publishing platforms for the news-media and financial sectors.

Building on their experience in digital publishing technology, EidosMedia has created in Cobalt a new-generation framework for fast, flexible content delivery to today's complex and evolving markets.