Cobalt APIs

Cobalt comes with a complete set of RESTful APIs.
These low-level HTTP/JSON-based APIs make interaction with Cobalt easy and straightforward.

The Data Management API

The Data Management API allows developers to handle the entire digital stack from the top-level structure of the website down to the content of individual pages and posts. From creating and importing documents to creating, updating, disabling and deleting entire websites, the Data Management API gives you complete control over structure and content.

  • create and manage the structure of your website
  • create and publish your content
  • import documents into Cobalt
  • set permissions on your data

The Content Distribution API

The Content Distribution API delivers data to any digital media destination. This API makes it easy for both designers and developers to structure and define the rendering of content in different formats. Careful standardization of the output content makes for quick and easy syndication. This API is strictly read-only to prevent direct access to source content on the part of malicious external users.

  • convert and syndicate data in the most common formats (e.g. HTML5, RSS, Google AMP, Facebook Instant Article…)
  • apply different themes to your website
  • create previews of published content
  • let final users safely access your content through REST and JSON
  "count" : 1,
  "result" : [
        "status" : "ENABLED" ,
        "name" : "cobalt-travel" ,
        "title" : "My Travel Blog" ,
        "description" : "Follow my journeys around the world" ,
        "type" : "site/blog" ,
        "style" : {
                "theme" : "Simple Theme" ,
                "type" : "Blog" ,
                "template" : "default" ,
                "variant" : "Light"

The Identity Management API

The Identity Management API is used to manage the profiles of visitors accessing Cobalt through both direct login and social accounts. Visitors may be safely authenticated using specific calls through a regular username and password or, alternatively, through their social media accounts. The API also allows you to profile registered users and offer them customized content on the basis of their profiles and preferences.

  • create, register or delete a user
  • manage passwords and security checks
  • authenticate visitors through different social accounts
  • manage all active sessions

The Social Integration API

Developers use the Social Integration API to create tools allowing users to interact with the most common social networks across the entire publication process, from the creation of a post to the final "like" or "share". Through this API, content authors can create dedicated posts from any published content and monitor the response to their posts across multiple social media.

  • check what are the trending topics
  • perform and save searches on different social media
  • schedule or post-publish of a post
  • monitor the performance of published posts
"cobalt-social" : [
        "author" : {
                "name" : "Anna Richardson" ,
                "username" : "anna.richardson" ,
                "followers" : 343
        "socialNetwork" : "Twitter" ,
        "id" : "745198231714410497" ,
        "message" : "I'm in love with the nature of Colombia" ,
        "likes" : 213 ,
        "comments" : 56 ,
        "shares" : 43 ,
        "hashtags" : [
                "#WildColombia" ,
                "#travel" ,

The Comment and Moderation API

The Comment and Moderation API allows you to create and manage forums and discussions around your published content. Using the API, you can identify trending topics on the website, analyze single comments and threads and detect the posting of inappropriate materials.

  • create, update or delete a forum
  • manage different discussion threads
  • search, moderate and vote each individual comment

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