Cobalt – work faster and better

Check out Cobalt’s user-friendly tools and workspaces.

Clean content creation – no clutter

Power is nothing without usability.

Cobalt's unique user interface – known as Swing – fosters the creative process. Authors and designers love the clutter-free editing space where powerful tools and media resources are just a click away.

Embedding and enriching

Once you have your text content, enriching it with photos, videos and social media is just a drag & drop process. Swing can pull in content from multiple sources: social media, in-house archives, online media banks or your device’s own cameras and recorders.

Any media content you embed auto-formats to fit any output channel.

Preview before you publish

At any time while you’re working you can use Cobalt’s preview feature to run through how your content will look in any output channel: as a web page, in a mobile app, as a social media post.

Cobalt selects and formats your content automatically to show you what your readers will see in whatever channel or device they are using.

Swing Live – real-time coverage

From breaking news to sports league finals: some fast-moving events need real-time coverage. With Swing Live you can feed text and media content from a mobile device into a live news stream for immediate publication.

Swing Live is also teamware: teams of live bloggers can cover an event working through a moderator who checks and edits their contributions in a shared workspace before posting it to the live stream.

Work how and where you want

Cobalt’s Swing interface works on any device, at any location. Wherever you are and whatever platform you want to use, from workstation to smartphone, you get a real-time window on the workflow with access to multiple sources of media assets and data.

Integrated analytics

Once your content has been published, you can use Cobalt’s analytics tools to see what kind of response it’s getting.
A dedicated side panel shows you reader reaction to your content in real time: clicks, likes, engaged time etc.
You can also use it to monitor in-page reader behaviour using parameters like scroll-depth and engagement plots.

Fine tuning - A/B testing

Testing variations for visitor response is a useful way of maximising your potential traffic.
With Cobalt’s built-in wizard you can set up a test in just a few clicks with no coding or technical skills. Once you have launched the test, it runs automatically and Cobalt delivers a continuous stream of results through its analytic tools.

The digital delivery dashboard

You can also configure Cobalt’s Swing interface to give you a global overview of your whole delivery operation:

Content published and reader traffic and engagement

Social media responses

Productivity statistics. and competitor activity

Tasks assigned and degree of completion (if your CMS supports this)

By adding suitable widgets to your dashboard, any dimension of your operation can be tracked and displayed.

Orchestrate your workflow

If your CMS supports task assignments, you can use Cobalt to delegate tasks and monitor progress from any location using any device. Cobalt can show you the state of play of developing projects, as well as materials awaiting your approval for release.

Designer freedom

Your website and app designers can use popular tools and standards like Bootstrap and Freemarker to work with commercial templates and create great responsive designs and layout variants without recoding.