The challenge of compelling content

Engage readers with content enriched with videos, charts,
interactive elements, social media posts, and more.

Embrace new forms of storytelling, and make them the rule, not the exception.
Integrate sources, social media and third parties for even richer variety of content.

Power and flexibility

Build and manage complex websites with ease.
Cobalt's common content hub handles documents and media in standard JSON format, ready to be delivered to multiple destinations via RESTful APIs.
Cobalt's functionalities can be customized through the extension of its component modules using standard Java technology.

Simply beautiful

Swing, the Cobalt editor is built around a clean, uncluttered workspace with powerful tools and resources just a click away.

Use the side panel to switch between photos and videos, search tools, reader comments, or social media.

Swing runs in any browser and puts everything you need at your fingertips.

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Design freedom

Design great-looking responsive websites with your preferred tools and frameworks, or download and customise commercial HTML templates.

Use Bootstrap to speed up page design, and FreeMarker Template Language to embed Cobalt content: designers won't face complicated logic in templates, and can change the appearance of a page without programmers having to change or recompile code.

Be social

Monitor your social feed from inside your workspace.
Embed tweets and posts into your story with a single click.

Sharing your story on social media is just as simple: Cobalt even suggests suitable keywords before posting, in perfect format, to whatever media you have configured.

Integrated analytics

Use the side-panel to track in real time reader responses to your content: clicks, likes, engaged time, and more.

Fine-tune your stories using in-page analytics, visitor engagement plots and scroll-depth statistics.

Customise indicators to focus only on the right information: Cobalt delivers all the data you need, right in your workspace.

Extend your workspace

Friendly widgets create Swing's dashboard, the starting point for all your activities: quick shortcuts, feeds, task lists, social media - you get instant access to the tools and resources you need.

Dashboards are designed according to users' needs, and can be easily extended developing custom, Javascript-based widgets.

Do it from your iPad

Swing on iPad = SwingApp. Content authors harness the power of the tablet to create media-rich stories from any location.

Coordinators monitor and manage production and publication through SwingApp's real-time window on the workflow.

Global distributed teamwork becomes a reality.

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