Digital catch-up

As a content producer, you know that today’s information consumers have an ever-expanding range of formats and devices to choose from.

That’s good news for consumers but a headache for producers: playing 'digital catch-up' adds cost and complexity to your operations. But not keeping up risks missing valuable market opportunities.

That’s why we developed Cobalt – the digital publishing solution for the audiences and platforms of today - and tomorrow.

Freedom across the spectrum

With Cobalt as your digital front-end, you’re ready to deliver your content as a full spectrum of digital products: from web portals, iOS and Android apps to social media. And with Cobalt, your portfolio expands effortlessly as you need to add new products - just plug in a new native or third-party module to your Cobalt platform and you’re ready to go. No upgrades or alterations to your editorial processes - just a smooth extension to your product range.

The best of both worlds

Cobalt offers a unique combination of open-source flexibility and enterprise reliability.

Thanks to its standard interfaces (RESTful architecture) Cobalt can integrate open-source applications, keeping your operations at the forefront of digital media developments.

At the same time, you don’t have to develop your solution from zero. Cobalt’s core components give you a solid basis for development that open-source applications alone cannot provide.

In this way, you get the best of both worlds: open-source flexibility on a managed platform.

Making new spaces

Fast-moving news demands flexible spaces – sometimes you need to create a new app or website on the fly for a special event or audience.

With Cobalt that’s quick and easy. With a few clicks and menu choices you can accomplish what might normally take hours of manual coding.

The full toolset

Cobalt comes with everything you would expect from a state-of-the-art digital delivery platform:

Check out the full range of Cobalt features here.

But will it work for us?

Whatever standard CMS you’re currently running, you can add Cobalt to your platform and get the benefits of its advanced digital delivery mechanisms.

This includes EidosMedia Méthode, making Cobalt an ideal upgrade to channel content from its editorial processes to an expanded and expanding range of channels and devices.

In addition to Méthode, Cobalt is compatible with a wide range of modern CMS platforms.

Give your tech people a heads-up

If you like the look of what Cobalt can do, have your developers check out the technical details.

You can send them a link by clicking here.